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Shutters are a newer innovation in window covering. They’re a special feature more and more customers are requesting for a sleek-looking home or enhanced privacy in high-density areas.

Shutters are extremely flexible. They can be installed on the inside or outside, and can cover all or part of your windows and doors. Choose from bi-folding, hinged or sliding models, based on how much light or privacy you desire.

Our shutters are manufactured in custom white PVC. This dense polymer foam has a sleek timber look, is fire retardant and provides excellent insulation. This material is extremely easy to clean, and with a 10 Year Warranty, you’ll be guaranteed that they’ll look great for a long time.

We make our shutters in Henderson, Auckland, so manufacture times are much shorter than shutters made off-shore.

Indoor shutters (PVC)

Indoor shutters are installed on the interior of windows or doors. The main benefit is heat management to minimise the energy required to heat or cool your home. Shutters provide light-weight insulation, and are much simpler to retro-fit to an existing home than other insulation options.

Outdoor shutters (aluminium)

Outdoor shutters are popular for patios, verandahs and high-rise balconies. They have the same insulation benefits as indoor shutters, and provide additional privacy. Shutters can be used to extend entertaining areas in winter or wet conditions, and allow shade during summer.

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